18th Birthday Gifts for Teens

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Celebrate this milestone with a gift that reflects her independence.

Turning 18 signifies that he’s become an official grown-up, starting the journey towards fulfilling his dreams and a life on his own. Consider the guest of honor’s future plans, and celebrate this milestone in his or her life with a gift that reflects their independent spirit and personal style.

Best Gifts for 18-Year-Olds

Off to College – A mini fridge, comfy comforter, or a caddy with her favorite bath goodies will give her new digs a homey touch.

Awesome Athlete – So he scored himself a football scholarship? A new, roomy monogrammed sports bag to carry all of his gear or a football-themed gift basket filled with snacks and goodies make great 18th birthday gifts.

Military Bound – If she’s joining the military, honor her 18th birthday and thank her for serving her country with a care package filled with her favorite non-perishable foods, framed family photos, personalized deck of cards, and a new favorite T-shirt.

Junior Executive – He’s been playing with computers since he was three and now he’s landed himself a gig at the hottest tech company. Make sure he arrives in style with a classy briefcase or tablet bag. And if he’s leans a little old-school, an elegant watch makes a nice personal statement.

The Do-Gooder – Whether he has plans to open his own dog rescue center or is building homes in impoverished neighborhoods, he’ll appreciate anything that is good for the earth, like an eco-friendly tote bag to carry his supplies, a hearty succulent for his home, or organic bath supplies that refresh after a hard day’s work.

The Adventurer – She wants to travel the world for a few years before settling into a career. Reward that adventurous spirit with a gift equally exciting: skydiving lessons, perhaps, or cooking lessons in the country she’s visiting.

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