1st Birthday Gifts for Baby Girls

Baby Girl
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Grabbing gifts..be right back!
Introduce the birthday girl to her very first rocking chair.

There’s gonna be a party! Somebody is turning the ripe old age of one. Mom and dad may have to help the baby girl open her birthday gifts and blow out the candle, but the cake part she’ll have covered (as in covered all over her face.)

Little Gifts for Little Girls

1st birthday gifts are so much fun to buy. Tiny clothes, adorable stuffed toys, everything in miniature except for the big fun she’ll have on her birthday. So how do you know what to choose for the baby girl? If you’re buying a toy, be sure to read on the packaging the appropriate age level. If you’d like for the toy to serve dual purposes—fun and educational—you could get her an alphabet activity cube, baby flash cards, or tablet-friendly learning apps that teach things like motor skills. Set the baby girl on her way to becoming a fashionista with a cute outfit and matching shoes (it’s never too early for a girl to develop a love of shoes.)

Keepsake Items

Consider items the birthday girl can cherish long after she’s no longer a baby. Perhaps a keepsake quilt or maybe her very first necklace. Introduce her to the rocker lifestyle with her first rocking chair. Or create a little saver, who realizes the value of money, by getting her that first piggy bank. Engrave it with her name and include a note inside that she can read when she eventually opens her bank.

Have fun choosing a special gift in celebration of the baby girl’s first year and enjoy the party!

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