Birthday Gifts for Women (30+) - Gifts for the Intellectual

Woman (30+)
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    Wait Wait Dont Tell Me! Crossword Puzzles and News Trivia

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    Knomo Dering Charge Purse with Power

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    Impossible Collection of Fashion

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    Dinner Diaries

  • Personalized The Year You Were Born Trivia Print

  • Personalized The Front Page News Birthday Book

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    "Comic Genius: Portraits of Funny People" by Matt Hoyle & Mel Brooks

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    Impossible Collection of Jewelry

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    "Wine Bites: 64 Simple Nibbles That Pair Perfectly with Wine" by Barbara Scott-Goodman

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    Mabel Chong Oval Drop Earrings

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    JAECI Sophrosyne Word Cloud Cutout Necklace

    $45.05 $56.25

Grabbing right back!
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Libras won’t care if a gift is expensive, but you should choose something well-designed or beautiful, like a striking necklace. They’ll also love experiences that they can share with you or you could appeal to their music-loving side. You’ll... Read More »