Birthday Gifts for Men

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Grabbing right back!
Indulge him with a new gadget, sports gear, food or liquor.

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or one in between, there are certain types of birthday gifts for men that you can’t go wrong buying. We’ve chosen some of our favorites to help you find that great birthday gift for a guy.

Fun Birthday Gadgets for Him

Technology changes so frequently that a gadget can always be updated. Even if he already has an earlier version, there is usually a newer one that holds more, runs faster, looks sleeker.

Boys and Their Toys

Indulge the birthday man’s love of his favorite sports team by buying him an official team cap, jersey or sweatshirt. Does he blame his golf game on his clubs? Treat him to a new putter this birthday. Or if he’s the quiet type who enjoys a reflective day on the water fishing, set him up with a new fishing rod.

Indulge a Vice (just a little)

We know what all work and no play makes…give the man a birthday gift that lets him dip his toe on the wild side. Sign him up for a membership to a beer, wine or sirloin “of-the-month” club. Or treat him to a box of finely-crafted cigars.

Whatever number is on his cake, celebrate the man in your life by choosing a great birthday gift.

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