Birthday Gifts for Men - Unique Gifts

  • Menu Wine Thermometer

  • Whipping + Post Guitar Pick Card Case

  • Personalized Architectural Alphabet Photography Frame

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Crafted Zebra Wood iPod Ready Portable Speaker

    $49.95 $62.00
  • Lexon Flip On/Off Alarm Clock White

  • Lodge Logic Skillet

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Stainless Steel 8GB USB Money Clip

    $79.94 $80.00
  • Gifts Guarantee

    Dinner Diaries

  • DIY Furniture 2: A step-by-step guide

  • Areaware Pig Bank

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Vintage Collegiate Cufflinks

    $59.50 $60.00
  • Gifts Guarantee

    PGA Professional Golfer Top Golf Courses Tracking Map Art Print, 24x18

  • Lomography La Sardina and Flash DIY Edition

  • Savino Wine Saver Carafe

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Star Trek Two-Tone Delta Shield 3-Piece Gift Set

    $119.50 $120.00
  • Gifts Guarantee

    Audiovox Shutterball Remote Shutter for Smartphones

    $22.99 $24.99
  • Lake Tahoe Art Print

  • Orange Whip: Golf Trainer

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Duke Cannon Premium American Soap Supply (4 Soap Gift Set)

    $35.00 $40.00
  • Personalized Secret Message Wallet Bottle Opener

  • Pro Tech Electronics Repair Tool Kit

  • OUYA Console

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Sugarfina Caramel Crush Bento Box

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Kettle Desk Phone

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Grabbing right back!
Consider a club gift, like 'Beer of the Month', for an ongoing surprise.

So you have a birthday gift to buy for a man. Considering a new tie, socks or underwear? Nah, break out of the ordinary birthday gifts and give this man a unique gift that reflects his own uniqueness.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Does he have a need for speed? Give him a lap around a racetrack in a Ferrari or let him ride shotgun in a stock car. There are loads of experiential birthday gifts that will get his heart racing and have him be the envy of his buddies (who are most likely receiving ordinary birthday gifts like ties, socks and underwear.) Tech toys that make him feel like a Silicon Valley insider always make unique gifts and keep him up on what latest in that industry.

Gifts that Keep Giving

Of-the-month-clubs are unique birthday gifts for men because they keep coming long after the birthday has passed. Is the birthday boy a wine or beer connoisseur? Maybe a BBQ fanatic? Choose a product that fits his interests and customize how often it’s delivered.

Luckily finding unique birthday gifts for men isn’t a problem. Choosing which unique gift to buy is.

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