Boyfriend Gifts

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    I Owe You Sex: I Owe You Book for Couples

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    Own a Plot of Land in Ireland

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    We First Met Here - Jigsaw Puzzle

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    Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

    $23.99 $29.99
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    An Acre of Land on the Moon

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    6-Pack Beer Wisdom Glass Set

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    Brooklyn Beer Making Kit-Everyday Ipa

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    JK Adams Personalized Wine Caddy

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    Natural Wooden Watch

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    Striiv Fusion Fitness Tracker

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    The Orbit Wirelesss Speaker System

  • Personalized Romantic Coupon Book

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    Cruiser Portable Turntable

    $79.99 $99.95
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    Beer Tasting Glass Set

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    Bathtub Gin No.9 Infusion Kit

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    Monogrammed Growler

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    Polaroid Onestep Closeup Camera Kit

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    Racecar Thrills e-Gift Certificate

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    NFL Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gift Set

    $79.50 $80.00
  • Nike+ FuelBand SE Gold (Black)

  • Areaware Magnetic Bottle Opener

  • Nixon 'The 51-30 Chrono' Watch

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    Let's Get Naked: The Sexy Activity Book for Couples

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    Giant Gummy Bear

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Grabbing right back!
What kind of gift do you get a boyfriend who is so awesome?

He’s awesome, he’s funny and he’s everything you could want in a boyfriend (yeah, he can be a little irritating sometimes, but who can’t be?!) So, what kind of gift do you get a boyfriend who is so awesome?

Great Gifts for a Boyfriend

The first question to ask is, what does he like? Is he the techy type who’d love a cool gadget to play with? Or maybe he’s a gamer who’d love the latest hot video game (and permission to play it endlessly.) If he loves sampling different beers, consider a beer gift basket that he can share with his buddies.

Boyfriend Gifts for Any Occasion

Is the gift for his birthday? Go large and get your boyfriend a tablet or treat him to a racing car experience. If he’s moving up at the office and just got promoted, send him to work carrying a stylish new briefcase, or decked out in cuff links to show everyone he means business. Did the two of you have a fight? It happens. Make up with a nice bottle of wine, romantic coupons, and a home cooked meal. If you’re celebrating a dating anniversary, get a gift for your boyfriend that lets him know you’re glad the two of you met. A gift card to the movies with popcorn and candy thrown in will have him realizing he’s got the best girlfriend any boyfriend could ask for.

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