I'm Sorry Gifts for Men

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Grabbing gifts..be right back!
Using food to win a man's heart works. So does beer.

Did you mess up? Maybe you forgot an important date. Maybe you yelled and threw plates. Whatever happened, it’s now time to say you’re sorry and work toward moving on. A heartfelt apology is always a great first step. Couple that with a little “I’m sorry” gift and hopefully your message will be heard loud and clear and apology accepted.

Finding the Right “I’m sorry” Gift

Choosing that special “I’m sorry” gift for a guy requires a delicate touch. You’ll want to choose something that will sincerely convey your mea culpa but not overshadow your apology. Consider the following “I’m sorry” gifts for men: A mug with a special loving message or a photo album filled with snapshots of the two of you together. Depending on the offense, a set of cuff links or a watch might make a more impressive “I’m sorry” statement.

The Way to a Man’s Heart

It’s an ago old tactic, but using food to win, or win back a man, has a proven history. Choose a gift basket filled with his favorite treats or a one filled with great wines, cheeses and sausages. Or sign him up for a beer-of-the-month membership so he can sample micro-brewed beers.

Whatever gift you choose, give it lovingly and be sure to write a message on the card accompanying the gift with two little words…I’m sorry.

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