Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

Teen Girl
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Grabbing right back!
Teen girls love jewelry -- the sparklier, the better.

Shopping for teen girls can be tricky, as most girls that age are oh-so-cool and up with trends that change faster than you can say, “I heart 1D.” Some gifts, however, will not only stand the test of time, but will be treasured for a long, long time.

Bling it On

Teen girls love jewelry -- the sparklier, the better. Necklaces with her name or her birthday’s gemstone are a good bet, as is a friendship necklace she can share with her bestie. Bracelets are big – think bangles, eco-friendly, and of course, a charm bracelet with little trinkets representing her interests is sure to charm her.

Get Creative

If she’s very artistic and creative, give a gift that fuels that passion and it will be cherished forever. Music lovers will enjoy a gift card for music downloads, a biography of their favorite musician, or a personal playlist created just for them. Future artists will appreciate a tabletop book of the artists that inspire them or tickets to a museum exhibit. Budding filmmakers and writers will be jazzed to receive an autographed screenplay of their favorite movie, a first edition of a much-loved book from their childhood, or a nicely framed movie poster.

The Story of Her Life

Many teen girls love documenting the ups and downs of their oh-so-dramatic lives, so a nice leather journal (with lock and key!), scrapbook, photo album, and digital camera are great gifts for her to memorialize important people, places, and events. Cute bulletin boards, photo frames, and wall collages will also help her to express her individuality and make wonderful Christmas gifts for teen girls.

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