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Grabbing right back!
Now is a great time to pamper the expectant mom.

She’s having a baby! Whether she’s your daughter, sister, co-worker or a dear friend, this is an incredibly special time in a woman’s life. And that calls for a special gift for her, the mother-to-be, because let’s face it, after the baby’s born, all the gifts will be bestowed upon the new kid on the block.

Pamper Her

No, we don’t mean the diapers that go by that name! Now is a great time to pamper the expectant mom – her body is going through all sorts of changes and a little spoiling will be greatly appreciated. Organize a girl’s day at a local spa that offers special massages for pregnant women. Or bring over dinner and a movie and request that the mom-to-be put up her feet and relax. Another great mom-to-be gift is a gift basket filled with bath goodies like bubble bath, loofahs, candles, and comfy booties that will make her feel like a queen.

Shlumpadinkas Not Allowed

Sometimes very chic and fashionable moms-to-be have a kid and all of a sudden, they’re appearing on “Fashion Police” with their new best accessory: a drooling, sticky-fingered baby. Help her retain her sense of style with a beautiful scarf, bangle bracelets, or a new makeup kit. A group of us gifted a fashionable co-worker with an elegant designer diaper bag she really wanted and she loved it so much, she used it for all three of her babies. The stylish bag was a reminder to her to dress nicely, even when running errands with a gurgling baby on her shoulder.

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