Housewarming Gifts for Men

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Grabbing right back!
Try housewarming gift that is practical but also holds special meaning.

Whether it’s his first bachelor pad or latest dream home, finding just the right housewarming gift will be fun for you and so appreciated by him.

Favorite Housewarming Gifts

The best housewarming gifts for men are going to be those that take into consideration his interests and personality. Artsy guys will cherish a unique piece of art or sculpture, while wanna-be chefs will be excited to host a dinner party to show off their monogrammed casserole dish or new-fangled kitchen gadget. And if it’s his first home, practical gifts like a small tool chest filled with essentials such as screwdrivers, pliers, and duct tape or an emergency kit with a flashlight and fire extinguisher, will come in handy during those -- hopefully rare -- household emergencies.

Meaningful Gifts for His Home

Try a traditional housewarming gift that is practical but also holds special meaning. For example, salt represents always having spice and flavor in his life, so an elegant salt and pepper shaker, or a filled spice rack, is a thoughtful gift. Bread symbolizes the wish that he will never go hungry; a homemade bread maker – or a few loaves of delicious bread -- and a monogrammed cutting board will please the man who likes to cook. Plants signify life, hoping he will thrive in his new digs. And olive oil denotes health and well being; present it in a decorative bottle that can later be used to adorn a windowsill in his home sweet home.

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