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Tween (10-12) Girl
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    Pick Up Sticks

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    Paper Style: Hairdos

  • Daisy Rock 'Butterfly' Electric Guitar Starter Kit (Girls)

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    Nail Polish Clutch + Nail Art Sketchpad


Grabbing right back!
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Tween girls are one of the most difficult categories of people to shop for. A tween is age 9 to 12, that lovely middle school age where they are just starting to be too old for "kid stuff" but not yet a teenager who has fully established their... Read More »
You can't just sidle up to a tween boy (ages 9 to 12) and say, "Hey, you're on the cusp of manhood." He will pretend to throw up. You need a gift that is funny, possibly a little gross, and definitely up-to-the-minute. Good luck, gift givers,... Read More »
Lefty or righty? No, we’re not talking handwriting, we’re talking brains. We’ve chosen these fun toys because they ensure hours of playtime (hello creative right side) while also getting the problem-solving side (that’s you left hemisphere) working. Read More »