Valentine's Day Gifts for Teen Girls

Teen Girl
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Grabbing right back!
Give her a downloadable playlist of all of the best love songs ever.

If you’ve got a teen girl in your life – whether it’s your daughter, sister, or girlfriend – check out these heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts, she’s sure to love one of them!

14 Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teen Girls

  1. Hearts Aplenty – Anything adorned with hearts makes for a cute Valentine’s Day gift: T-shirt, beanie, socks, or cozy pajamas.

  2. The Bling Ring — Teen girls love jewelry; a pretty necklace with a heart-shaped pendant is sure to please.

  3. Romantic Reads – Give her one of the all-time great romantic novels like Gone With The Wind, Pride and Prejudice, or Wuthering Heights.

  4. Homemade Fun, Part 1 – Bake a batch of cupcakes together, decorate with sprinkle hearts, and help her deliver them to friends and neighbors.

  5. Flower Power – Fill a vase with a beautiful bouquet of flowers; sneak them onto her bedside table before she wakes up.

  6. Frame It – Buy or make a photo frame embellished with hearts; add a cute photo.

  7. Homemade Fun, Part 2 – Bedazzle a plain T-shirt with red and pink sparkles in the shape of a big heart or many mini hearts.

  8. Love Story – Invite her to watch her favorite romantic movie with you; bring the snacks, and don’t forget the popcorn!

  9. Sweet Treats – Surprise her with a basket of chocolates of all shapes and sizes.

  10. Old-Fashioned Fun – If she’s your girlfriend, go old school and show up at her doorstep with flowers in one hand and a heart-shaped box of chocolates in the other.

  11. Glamorous Goodies – Stash a heart-shaped jewelry box (with a heart bracelet tucked inside) or a makeup kit (with new eye shadow and nail polish) in her room for an after-school surprise.

  12. Love Songs -- Another great Valentine’s Day gift for teen girls is a downloadable playlist of the best love songs from the past and present.

  13. SparkleFest – Heart-shaped stud earrings or a bracelet with a heart charm will complement her sparkly personality.

  14. Homemade Fun, Part 3 – Plan a “ruby red dinner” with all the food and drinks being of a scarlet color, for example: tomato soup, spaghetti and meat sauce, cranberry juice, and chocolate-covered strawberries and cherry pie for dessert!

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