Valentine's Day Gifts for Teen Guys

Teen Guy
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Grabbing right back!
Show him you care, just go easy on the sentimental part.

He’s way past the cuddle stage and protests public hugs, but that doesn’t mean your teenage son doesn’t want to be remembered on Valentine’s Day. Show him you care, just go easy on the sentimental part. Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for teen guys, whether it’s your son, grandson, brother or boyfriend.

If He’s Family …

A nice valentine, not too sappy, with a gift card inside for his favorite restaurant, movie theater, or downloadable music site, strikes just the right balance between letting him know he’s your pride and joy but he’s a teen now, not a little boy. Steer clear of too-cute little kid items like teddy bears or balloons unless you know for sure he still likes those things. If you know he’s been saving up to buy the latest videogame or a new CD or sweatshirt, surprise him with it, he’s sure to be thrilled.

If He’s Your Boyfriend …

Let him know how much he means to you with a thoughtful card – a humorous one if he’s more of a jokester or a serious one if that’s more his personality. Guys in general tend to be more practical in nature, so give him something he’s been eyeing and can actually use, instead of a cute figurine that’s going to collect dust on a shelf. Maybe give him a new smart phone cover, a T-shirt with a clever saying or his favorite team’s logo, or a book he mentioned he’d like to read. If you’ve got some kitchen skills, invite him over for a home-cooked dinner featuring his favorite foods. Accompany any of these gifts with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and you’re going to have a very sweet Valentine’s Day.

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